How to create a mod project

This Tutorial aims to show you how to create a mod project on Raft using RaftModLoader!

Let's get started with the requirements! To get started modding you will need the following softwares :

You have to use Unity 2018.3.5f1! Using another version is not supported!

Now that you have the required softwares, let's create your mod project!

1) Open the RMLLauncher and create a mod project by using the mod creator as shown below.

2) In the project name text field enter your mod name and hit Create Project! It will then tells you if it has succeeded and opens you the project folder as shown below.

3) Now that your mod project is created you can open the .sln file, in the case above i open ExampleMod.sln with Visual Studio. After opening it, open the .cs file as shown below.

4) Now that we created our mod project and opened it we can begin creating our mod! As you can see on the screenshot above, there is a lot of green lines, those are comments, read them to know what every line do; After reading them and modifying the lines according to your mod you should end up with something like the screenshot below.

5) Now, let's create a shortcut of this file in our mods folder so we won't have to move the file each time we modify something in our mod. Yeah this is a great feature! 😁

The file is located in Documents\RModLoaderDev\YourProjectName\YourProjectName

6) Now, let's start the mod loader, Load our mod and open the console using F10 to see what's happening.

Just after loading the mod. The status change to green and says "Running...". Your mod is now running!

As you can see when you press F10 it executes the code in the Start() method.

And here is it! You made your first mod project! Keep in mind this tutorial is just the requirements & basics! More advanced tutorials are coming soon!