Changing the DNS

This guide will explain how to change your DNS to the Google one which is not blacklisting our website

1. Let's check if that's the issue first. Open your command prompt by typing CMD in the Cortana search bar for example and select "Run as administrator":\

2. Run the following commands: nslookup and nslookup\

If the ip adresses are different that means that there's an issue with the DNS and it might be blocking the Raftmodding requests. 3. We will change the DNS to one that is not blacklisting our website like the Google DNS. Here's a guide on how to setup the Google DNS on your system: 4. Once you're done setting up the DNS make sure to restart the computer and try again running the Mod Launcher. You might also need to change the DNS on your router. The steps will be very dependent on your router.

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