Using Wine

Installing the mod loader on Linux or the Steam Deck using Wine

0. Get Raft

Go to your Windows PC, find the Raft installation folder (explained here) and copy it over to your Linux computer. On my desktop it's placed in ~/Desktop/Raft, so change the paths accordingly to where yours is located.

1. Download the Launcher

The same as you would do on Windows. Go to the download page and place it somewhere (for example, I placed it in ~/Desktop/Raft - my Raft folder).

2. Install Mono and .NET 4.6

First of all, if you haven't already, install winetricks. On Ubuntu it's just sudo apt install winetricks.

Then download Mono 5.0 .MSI from this link and run wine uninstaller to launch the Add & Remove Software dialog. Point it to the downloaded installer and wait until it completes. After installing Mono, you need another thing: .NET 4.6. It can be installed from Terminal using winetricks dotnet46. It'll warn you about Windows Modules Installation Service missing but that's not a problem.

If your graphics card supports Vulkan rendering then you shouldn't skip this step. Grab a release from here, unpack the archive to ~/Downloads/ and run this in Terminal from the ~/Downloads/dxvk_x.y.z directory where x.y.z is the version:

WINEPREFIX="$(dirname ~/.wine)/.wine" ./ install

4. Use RaftModLoader as you're on Windows

Run RMLLauncher via Wine: wine64 ~/Downloads/RMLLauncher.exe. It'll ask you for your Raft folder. From what I've checked, updating is fine, injections work and Raft starts.

Known Issues

Raft won't respond after Alt+Tab

There's nothing I can do to that - it's a issue that happens on many other Unity games, especially when they're running on Wine. From what I've seen, changing focus to a window on another monitor doesn't trigger this.

If you encounter any issues or the guide doesn't seem to work for you, please visit the #linux-support channel on our Discord. Also maybe try the Bottles guide (it works better). Our team is more than happy to assist you. 🙂

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