How to run multiple raft instances

A quick guide to run multiple Raft instances on a single computer with different Steam accounts, ideal for testing multiplayer mods.

I'll guide you through running multiple Raft instances simultaneously. To begin, you'll need:

  1. Sandboxie-Plus: Allows isolated program execution.

  2. A Second Raft Copy: You need 2 Raft accounts for running two instances.

Let's get started!

1. Installing Sandboxie-Plus

  • Download and install Sandboxie-Plus from here.

  • Creata a new sandbox, name it as you like and add an access to your drive as shown below.

We recommend granting access to the entire drive in the isolated environment because it includes crucial folders like AppData, world directories, Raft Settings, and Mod Loader files.

2. Duplicating Steam Software

  • Create a new folder for the second Steam.

  • Copy your steam folder in this folder (You may want to remove other games than raft in the destination folder).

3. Installing Steam in Isolated Environment

  • Run steam.exe in the second Steam folder using Sandboxie-Plus.

  • Start Steam in the isolated environment and select "Run As UAC Administrator".

4. Starting Raft

  • Log in with your second Steam account.

  • Start Raft with "-rml" or through RMLLauncher opened inside sandboxie too; it should work seamlessly!

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