Reading private variables

Reading private variables is clearly necessary when modding raft. Let's see how easy it is!
To access private variables we need to use Harmony. You can visit the Harmony wiki by clicking here. Harmony is a library for patching, replacing and decorating .NET and Mono methods during runtime.
To get Visual Studio autocomplete to work you need to install the Nuget package Lib.Harmony version 2. Then, to use harmony you simply need to add the HarmonyLib namespace by adding using HarmonyLib; at the top of your class. You don't need to install the nuget package for Raft to compile the code, but it makes developing easier.
To access a non-static private variable you use Traverse.Create() with the object instance and .Field() with the field name.
string myvalue = Traverse.Create(ScriptInstance).Field("fieldname").GetValue() as string;
// For example to get the value "stats" of the class Network_Player we can do that :
PlayerStats stats = Traverse.Create(RAPI.getLocalPlayer()).Field("stats").GetValue() as PlayerStats;
To access a static private variable you also use Traverse.Create() but with the class type and .Field() with the field name.
string myvalue = Traverse.Create(typeof(classname)).Field("fieldname").GetValue() as string;
// For example to get the value "allAvailableItems" of the class ItemManager we can do that :
List<Item_Base> allAvailableItems = Traverse.Create(typeof(ItemManager)).Field("allAvailableItems").GetValue() as List<Item_Base>;