Mods with multiple files

If your mods relies on assets or configuration files, you will most likely want to include them in the download of your mod.

Structuring your ZIP the right way

  1. Create a ZIP file with a meaningful name, i.e. for the WaterWheel mod.

  2. Throw your mod's .cs file into the root folder of your ZIP (the code file should have a meaningful name too, of course)

  3. Create a ModData folder at the root level of your ZIP

  4. Create a ModName folder inside the ModData folder in your ZIP (whereas ModName is replaced with the actual name of your mod)

  5. Copy your mod's assets and default configuration files to the ModData/ModName directory in your ZIP file.

The structure of your ZIP file should now be similar to this:
├── ModName.cs
└── ModData/
└── ModName/
├── ModName.assets
├── config.json
└── ...

Why you should stick to this structure

We've seen a lot of users having trouble with putting mods to the right folder and extracting zipped mods only adds to this. Using the proposed structure has basically two advantages:

  • This is the standard way. Users will expect your mod to be installable just like any other zipped mod

  • It only takes a few clicks to install a mod (see below)

Our mod installation guide